Y’all know I’m Xtra. So, I made a playlist on @spotify called FleXtra. She’s cute and smooth and uses a bidet cause she’s not afraid of a little spray. She’s about her grrls Solange @saintheron Kelela @kelelam Mother Nature @mothernaturebarz Lil Simz @lilsimz She’s also about her CANCON Haviah Mighty @haviahmighty Clairmont the Second @ctsecond Staasia Daniels @sleeplessintoronto_ […]

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Intersessions w/ Asmara

Yo, how wild is it that Asmara, who produced Kelela‘s Gomenasai and co-wrote LMK, is gonna be in Toronto? I’m so excited to catch her talk about something I have no idea how to do, but all the feels for: DJing. She’ll be chatting it up with my grrl, Chippy Nonstop, today at LuluLemon for […]

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