Tonight I’m off to Sous Bas

in Hamilton, Ontario for Aaliyahpalooza

to commemorate her brilliant life.

Alongside Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott,

she reinvented the sound of R&B to introduce

the quiet diva who was just as agile, if not

more adventurous, than more mainstream singers.

Much of my sound is owed to her innovations

and for that I’m performing one of my fave songs

from her “Heartbroken“.

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my version over the next coming days.

Hear Here was LIVE!

Went In & Out of London

at Hear Here last Saturday.

Had a blast!

It was a dream of mine

to perform at Forest City Gallery

ever since I caught Wormwood there.

Next official stop: Hamilton

for Aaliyahpalooza at Sous Bas.

I’m gonna cover Aaliyah’s Heartbroken.

It’s a deep cut off of One in a Million.

She really did the damn thang on it.

Let’s see how I get In & Out

of this one AUGUST 25th. IMG_20180818_214940.jpg

This is Shhh!

August Flex Upgrade

This is the August Flex Upgrade.

Pay attention to the last date

cause I have something I’m dying

to share with you and it’ll be ready August 29th.

August 18: Hear Here @ Forest City Gallery, 8PM London

August 19: iLiveSoulFest Showcase @ Gladstone Hotel, 9PM Toronto

August 25: Aaliyahpalooza @ Sous Bas, 10PM Hamilton

August 29: The Night Shift Radio Interview @ CJRU1280AM, 9PM Toronto38046237_693684114319322_7661810314161160192_o.jpg

Check the August Flex

The Flex was strong in July.

Some of my highlights:

3. Performing a wicked Live to Air at Radio Western/Aeolian Hall for the first time as a solo act

2. Opening the all-inclusive alt-Pride, Bricks and Glitter, as the very first performer

1. Performing for the first time in Montreal/Slut Island Festival

Honourable mention: Meeting new fans at Pride Brampton and seeing Erykah Badu DJ at Afrochic

I’m gon’ keep coming at you in August.

Check to see if I’m in your city soon.

August 1: Tush @ The Great Hall, 7PM Toronto

August 18: Hear Here @ Forest City Gallery, 8PM London

August 25: TBA, Hamilton

Hear Here