When R. Flex released “Thursday”, it put the flex on Toronto R&B. Singer-songwriter, Ryan Anthony Robinson, not only flipped one of The Weeknd’s signature songs, but turned it into an audacious celebration of queer sex.

Their debut EP “In & Out” produced two more singles including “Babylonia” and the title track. “In & Out” landed on Spotify’s playlist “To Toronto with Pride” while “Thursday” went on to become a Top 20 finalist at Imsta Festa Toronto. R. Flex’s ability to marry forward-thinking subject matter with electronic R&B became a tour de force that turned heads.

As they ready to release their next EP in Spring 2019, they look forward to flexing the boundaries of electronic R&B with frank songwriting and more catching tales.

Check the Flex

Kaleidoscope Stories

Finally, it’s here! In & Out the EP is featured in

Mina Gerges’ coming out story for Kaleidoscope Stories.

S/O Helena Morgane and Sisterhood Media

for reaching out and being so thoughtful as to include me

in Gerges’ story.  He talks about everything:

culture clash, mental health, familial homophobia, body positivty, etc.

He brings nuances that are often missing from coming out strories.

Take it in. Take in the music. It’s all for you


Whoa Megaphono!

It’s official! I’m off to Ottawa to perform at Megaphono Feb 8.
It’ll be my first time performing in capital city as a solo artist.
I’ll be sharing the stage with some amazing artists at Mercury Lounge:
Silla & Rise, Eekwol & T-Rhyme, & Bésé
So, if you’re in Ottawa, from Ottawa, or have friends in Ottawa.
tell em to Check The Flex.

Tix $15/Door $20