Important news!

Aipate, an online magazine published out of Kenya, has written

a mini-review of “Kiss”. While that’s good to celebrate,

it’s important to remember a song like Kiss is a privilege to make.

There are folks who don’t experience the same rights and freedoms

I do and have to find other ways of sending across their message.

I’d like to take a moment to think of my siblings in the struggle

and hope what I’m doing can act as a signal for a time of freedom

to come, esp looking upon the new year and the new decade.

You may not know, but I spend a lot of time thinking about

what 2020 is gonna look like worldwide for people like me –

who will be next to say they’re free?

who soon will get to call home home?

So, give “Kiss” a listen. This is a moment

of shared privilege where we can in some way get in touch.

Listen to Judah Jump’s “Kiss” featuring R. Flex




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